About ESC Song Reviews

ESC Song Reviews is a new site about the Eurovision Song Contest. The purpose is to focus on Eurovision from a mostly musical point of view. It is a song contest after all.

There are plenty of Eurovision related sites and blogs all around the internet, but only a few of them go very deeply into the actual songs – which is a shame. Costumes, visual effects, rules, voting, TV production etc. are of course interesting elements of the ESC, but there has already been written a lot about it on blogs and sites. Here I will stick to what I see as the most important aspect of them all: the songs.

Doing so, I will examine the songs that are ready for Eurovision. Here I will review the most striking components of the songs and judge the overall quality of them. I will do so in the Songcheck articles.

Sometimes I will take up a theme: I will be going in depth with a song that has been performed in Eurovision by analysing its different parameters: form, melody, harmonics, rhythm, sound production, lyrics, vocal performance etc. and the way these elements interact with each other. Based on the analyses, I will discuss the quality of the song – also in relation to other competing songs. And hopefully I will be able to reach if not 360 degrees around the songs then at least incorporate the most relevant aspects.

Who am I?

I come from Denmark, and I am a musician. I make my own music in the genre singer/songwriter. I also have an educational background in musicology from the university in Aarhus, and I will be using my academic qualifications from there in order to get as close to the “mechanics” of the songs as possible.

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