Concerning song reviews for 2017

Hi everyone. I haven’t updated this site for ages, so I just wanted to say, that I am probably NOT going to write song reviews this year. It was an enormous task going through the songs last year, especially since I can’t help going in details. It took a lot of time and mental resources to write them, and I am not sure if I have the time to do it this year. If I chose to write them anyway, I may try to downscale the project a bit in order not to get drowned. Until then, there won’t be any update on this site for some time, but I wish you all a good Eurovision season.

All the best

One thought on “Concerning song reviews for 2017”

  1. Hello Anders,

    I always enjoy your reviews because I am a musician but your understanding of musical theory is vastly greater than mine so I always learn a lot! Quite often you provide the technical detail that explains the way I feel about a song so it gives me insight into my own opinions as well as yours.

    I do understand the effort and time involved though so totally appreciate your reluctance to throw yourself in again to that level. I’ve been meaning to respond to your reviews of the UK ‘You Decide’ entries (as dire as they all are), but I haven’t found time to even do that!

    I hope to see you still commenting on Eurovision Times. Just don’t over-commit yourself!


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