ESC Song Reviews takes a short break in the songchecks

Almost all the competing songs have been revealed as we speak, and approximately two thirds of them have been reviewed on this site. It does however take time to go in depth with the songs, and since I have other things to catch up on, I have decided to take a break. After approximately a week I will continue reviewing the remaining songs in this year’s Eurovision.

The break also allows me to look back at the history of this site as it looks right now. In general, the number of visitors is increasing, and I am very happy about that. Thank you to everyone who is paying attention to the site and to the – admittedly – often very detailed and technical reviews of the songs. I know that some of the things I write may be a bit difficult to follow for those who are not into music theory, but I will gladly try to explain what I am talking about, so feel free to ask.

I am also doing some thoughts about what to go on with after this season is over in May. I have some ideas myself:

First, I still have some songs to analyse in my Nul Points series. I am planning to go through two or three more songs. In the autumn I created a poll where I asked which nul pointer should be the next one to get a review, and it was won by the Italian 1966 entry “Dio, come ti amo” by Domenico Modugno. I am sorry that I didn’t have time to finish it back then, but it will eventually get an analysis, I promise. Maybe I will run the theme along other themes.

I am also thinking of starting a series about the many plagiarism allegations in the Eurovision universe. We hardly get a contest without at least one of the songs being accused of borrowing a bit too much from something else. I can take up some of the better known examples, analyse the parts of the song that are said to be copying another song (or more songs), and then try to come up with a kind of verdict as to whether the allegation can be justified or not. In some cases it may be difficult to decide, or it will be more or less down to temperament, so I may not always have a definite answer.

And if there are any of you who have other ideas – f.e. to a theme or whatever – feel free to suggest πŸ™‚

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