Poll: Which Nul points song should the next article be about, pre-1975?

I have now reached three entries that scored zero points in Eurovision, and I have decided to let the next two songs decide via a poll, one for the pre-1975 era before the introduction of the 12-scale, and one for the post-1975 era under the current scoring system.

The songs I have been going through are “Celebrate” (Switzerland 2004), “En gång i Stockholm” (Sweden 1963) and “Nuku pommiin” (Finland 1982). So these songs will not be included in the polls. Also, I am planning to end the series with one of the two Nul points songs from Eurovision 2015, either “I’m Yours” (Austria) or “Black Smoke” (Germany). Because of that, these songs will not be in the polls either.

This means that the series will include six articles all in all.

So here comes the first poll, the one to decide the song from before 1975 (excluding Sweden 1963). The poll will close after a week, so you have until the next Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Poll: Which Nul points song should the next article be about, pre-1975?”

  1. I voted for Italy 1966 because I finally hope to understand why it did so badly. As much as I love Finland 1965, I do see/hear why it failed to get any points.

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    1. Italy 1966 probably lost because Domenico was so rude during the rehearsals when he yelled at the “awful orchestra”. Many jurors then just decided to punish him for his behaviour. Plus that they hadn’t heard his entry as many times as the rest of the songs, which of course also might have caused the nil.


      1. Thanks for explaining. I think that Domenico’s melodramatic way of performing did not help either . After all, “Nel blu dipinto di blu” became a world hit that is still known by most people today, although he it not win ESC. And then Gigliola came along with a very restrained performance … and won ESC for Italy. 🙂


      2. Most European countries living North of Monaco disapproved melodrama back then. Look at Italy 1962 f.e. One of the best ones that year imo but in the bottom half. While that silly “Uno per tutte” finished 3rd and was even close to victory. Gigliola was the one who delivered a performance that worked all over Europe.

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