Concerning song reviews for 2017

Hi everyone. I haven’t updated this site for ages, so I just wanted to say, that I am probably NOT going to write song reviews this year. It was an enormous task going through the songs last year, especially since I can’t help going in details. It took a lot of time and mental resources to write them, and I am not sure if I have the time to do it this year. If I chose to write them anyway, I may try to downscale the project a bit in order not to get drowned. Until then, there won’t be any update on this site for some time, but I wish you all a good Eurovision season.

All the best

Songcheck 2016: Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy

The shows are rapidly approaching, and as we write there is less than a week to the first semi final. However, I still have six songs to go through before it is too late. I want to say sorry for the delay – even if one of the contestants today is not sorry, but back to that later. Let us first have a look at the Bulgarian song.

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